New Hope Worship Center

‚Äč‚ÄčLemmon, South Dakota

About Us:

New Hope has an amazing story of God's blessings.  Our roots go back to May 29th, 1929, Rev. Paul H. Walker organized a mission work at the farm home of Carl J. Peterson.  The mission work had a vision to bring about spiritual restoration in the community and provide Biblical training to the area.

The church continued to grow in Gods favor and biblical training began taking shape in 1934 when the Northwest Bible College was birthed in Lemmon.  The college relocated to Minot, ND. in 1949 where it remained until closing its doors in 1989.

In November of 1986 land was purchased with the intent of building a new church.  In October of 1999, a new facility had been built and the congregation held its first service.

NHWC stands firm upon it's heritage and it continues to fulfill the vision of its founding fathers which is gather people together for training (Encounter God),  going out to gather in a fruitful harvest (Embracing Others), and growing and restoring relationships (Enjoy Life)!!!

Encounter God (Weekend Services)

Encounter who He (Jesus Christ) is!  Encounter who you are in Him!  In Luke 5, Jesus calls the disciples to Himself.  Jesus provided them with opportunities to Encounter Him.  He interacted with them relationally and on their turf.  He went fishing with Peter, James, and John.  And He asked each of them to follow Him.

Embrace others (inviting & serving others)

Today is the time to find your place to reach your fullest potential as a follower of Christ.  You don't have to wait until you are perfect.  Jesus turned the ministry over to His disciples and he provided them with opportunities to Embrace others before they were perfect.  Peter preached and 3000 were led to Christ but before that, he denied knowing Jesus three times.  Jesus sent out His disciples to do ministry together.  Jesus commissioned the disciples to Embrace others when He said, "...feed my sheep".  Jesus intentionally placed them in a position to be spiritually stretched.  Jesus gave opportunity for the disciples to Embrace Him, along with lessons for growth in their faith, and then sent the disciples to do ministry.  He strategically and sequentially placed them in a position to move to greater levels of commitment and growth.

ENJOY LIFE (Fellowship gatherings)

Enjoy you relationship with Him!  Enjoy your relationship with others!  After calling the disciples to Himself, Jesus provided them with opportunities designed for Enjoying their faith.  He exposed them to critical teaching.  They learned about having an eternal view, rejoicing, loving enemies, not judging others, and bearing spiritual fruit.  He allowed them to observe Him on the front lines of ministry. They saw Him heal people and raise the dead.  They saw Him calm a storm.  They also learned how to treat people by watching Jesus.  They saw His love and compassion toward people who society shunned.  He defended the worship of a repentant, sinful woman, and He referred to another woman as daughter.